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"The Gospel Trumpet": Bio

Jack Brown was born in Staunton, Virginia (home of the world-famous Statler Brothers) and has never lived more than 15 miles from that location. He got his first trumpet when he was in 5th grade and his mother claims that he has been tooting his own horn ever since! That’s a good thing for his fans, as they come out in droves to support him at every opportunity.

As "The Gospel Trumpet", Jack provides upbeat programs of Spiritual and Patriotic Music in Churches and for Civic Groups.

Jack plays the trumpet in a Nashville style, reminiscent of Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass. His special gift of playing just about anything by ear allows him an unequalled expression of the songs he has sung since he was barely old enough to stand on a church pew. The Gospel Trumpet program also features the extremely popular “Amazing Bible Facts That Mama Never Taught Us” comedy routine. Following a recent performance, a lady came up and said… “You got my group to laugh – That doesn’t happen very often”.


Please contact The Gospel Trumpet Today... at (540) 943-9110 or email

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